The Kansas City Chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club (MC) was formed in January 2009 in Kansas City, MO by a group of five men committed to brotherhood, friendship, community contribution, and over arching sense of national patriotism and pride. Our founding did not happen overnight. Months were spent assessing our ideas and beliefs, and searching for an organization that shared the values we shared. We found that in the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order MC is a non-territorial club consisting of members from all walks of life. Participation in our club is considered a privilege, and due to this, membership is required to remain lawful, participatory and contributory. Iron Order Kansas City welcomes the public to consider membership within the Iron Order MC and we extend an invitation to participate in our chapter’s events so we may better learn who you are, why you wish to participate, and if we are an organization for you.

2009-2015, Iron Order MC, Iron Trail Chapter, LLC.

“And they shall gather in a circle, wrought of iron, forged from the spirit of their souls. In times past, many great warriors gathered together to form an Order that would change the face of the world as it was known. They gathered not for glory or for greed, but for Fellowship. It was their spirit that would shape the face of the future, paving a roadway for generations that would follow." ~ Richard the Lionheart